Dynamo Project: Assembling and Test

After manufacturing all of the parts as well as finishing the electrical circuit, it was time for us to assemble the dynamo and put it to the test.

All the parts consisting our dynamo
All the parts that make up the dynamo

We first fastened the electronics to the bottom part of the design. This involved a lot of wire shortening due to the severe space limitations – one downside of our very compact design.

Isolating the wires

We isolated the wires using melted rubber as shown in the picture above. In the end, we managed to fit our electronics in the space intended.

Our compact design. No space is left unused.
Our compact design. No space is left unused.

While some of us had been assembling the bottom, others had assembled the top parts including the rollor bearings, gears and shafts. These two parts could then easily be fitted together.

Ready for final assembly
Ready for final assembly

At last, the parts had been assembled completely, and as the video shows, our dynamo works like a charm!

The parts can be downloaded from thingiverse.

– MN


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