Dynamo Project: Day Two – Discussion and Iteration

Briefing and discussion
Initial briefing and discussion

As mentioned in the previous post, yesterday’s work was primarily focused on discussion of our initial concepts as well as further development of the ones we found most interesting. After carrying out a discussion on the concepts, we voted on them and ended up choosing two concepts for further investigation: the safe choice and the pump.

Voting on the concepts
Voting on the concepts

After casting our votes and electing the two concepts, we split into two subgroups. These then both focused on further development of the two chosen ideas.

Kristian working on the pump concept
Kristian working on the pump concept

This led to some interesting discussions on both mechanical issues and user interaction. We also discussed design constraints and possibilities related to our choice of material (ABS) and manufacturing method (3D printing). The Nasa Wrench played an interesting, inspirational part in this proces.

Many mechanical issues were discussed

In the end, this all led to a heavy discussion on how to progress with the project, where to put our focus and spend our time in the most efficient way. We also discussed the skralde-koncept again, due to the interesting way of interaction with the product it introduced. Hence, we decided to give it another chance.

The remnants of a good day's work
The remnants of a good day’s work

We split in groups of two, each group being responsible for creating a CAD model; one for each concept. We’re now looking forward to seeing what comes out of this, and we’ll be back with an update on the project shortly.

– MN


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