Dynamo Project: Initial Concepts

Project day two is over. Today’s activities have mainly revolved around discussion and further development of certain concepts we developed last week. But before we delve into that, I believe a short summation of our concepts from last week is due.

The initial concepts were based on a morphological analysis

Concept 1: Stirring

This concept utilizes a planetary gear, which allows the user to apply force to the mechanical system in a way which resembles stirring a pot.


Concept 2: Safe choice

The safe choice uses a combination of spur gears to achive a high rotational speed, which is then applied to the DC motor. This idea is applied in more of the concepts. The user will apply force to the system using a rotating handle, much like one would use a rotary whisk.


Concept 3: Pepper mill

Using one hand to hold the upper part of the flashlight, and the other to hold the lower, these can be twisted back and forth against each others direction. This way, the handle is an integrated part of the shell.


Concept 4: Skralde

Force is applied to the system by swinging the actual product around in circles. This allows for one handed operation, but the direction of the light will be hard to maintain during use. One potential way to fix this could be to let the user hold the actual light in the other hand, but this would take away its biggest advantage.


Concept 5: Pump

The pump is operated – as the name suggests – the way one would operate a traditional bike pump. A toothed rack is continuously being pulled out of and pushed back into the shell, driving a set of spur gears. Different variations of this concept were made, one using two racks (one for each hand).


Concept 6: Crossbow

A set of spur gears is operated by pulling a toothed rack, which afterwards is retracted automatically via a leaf spring.

Concept 7: Woody

This concept is a variation on the crossbow. Instead of the leafspring, it utilizes a clock spring, and instead of using a toothed rack, a wire is wound around the axis of this.


– MN


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